How it works

Level ONE

Talk first, plan a build with a professional.

  • 1-hour planning conversation
  • Professionally recommended list
  • Your budget, your design

Level TWO

Plan it, then do-it-yourself

  • All in Level ONE
  • We order all parts for you
  • 1-hour of dedicated building assistance


Dedicated assistance

  • All in Level TWO
  • FREE Optimization
  • 4-hours of dedicated assistance

Help has arrived.

We know many of our customers are just as good as we are at building a PC. We aim to save you time, money, and headaches through a guaranteed outcome build assistance service. Get it done right, talk to us, rely on us.

In-House Experts

Rely on our seasoned in-house experts who are ready to guide you every step of the way. From selecting the right components to final assembly, expect unmatched satisfaction and comprehensive support throughout your PC-building journey.

DIY with a Guarantee

Embrace the DIY spirit with a safety net of professional support. Our experts are on hand to help you master the assembly process, offering tips and tricks to enhance your skills and confidence in building your own dream-machine.

Professional Testing

You build it, we'll guide you. Once you are booted up, we will benchmark it for you, stability test it, and make sure it's exactly what it should be.

Your build, IQON Performance

Rest easy knowing that once we are done building together, you have our support. We will not stop until you are beyond happy.

Part Ordering Service

As part of the Level Two and Three services, once you approve the build we will invoice you in one lump-sum for all your parts. After that, we handle all the cart juggling and you just sit back and wait for build day.

Learn to Create

Get hands-on with your PC build while enjoying real-time assistance from our team. We aren't here to only tell you what to plug in and where, we are here to teach you all our tips and tricks.

Build with Confidence.

Dive into the rewarding world of do-it-yourself PC building with IQON as your guide. Whether you're a seasoned builder or assembling your first rig, we're here to support you from the ground up.

Our platform provides real-time expert assistance, empowering you to build with confidence. Enjoy a personalized building journey, equipped with professional insights and tips to help you every step of the way. With IQON, turn your vision into a high-performance reality, and revel in the achievement of constructing your own PC powerhouse.


Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

Does my budget matter?

Not at all! We will recommend and assist you with the best possible build with the budget you provide us.

How will we be in contact?

As with all our services, we start our relationship with you on Discord. For quicker build lists we do it all through direct messaging, for assistance on build day we can do a phone or Discord call.

What if I have no idea what I am doing?

Then this is the exact service for you! This offering is designed to not only assist, but teach you on how to build your own. We will also provide videos we recommend on getting the basics down.

Is there a warranty somehow?

The best we can do here since you are building it yourself, is offer free assistance on part returns or warranty claims. We will not stop until your build is complete.

What about a custom water loop?

This is provided through Level Three service only and we ask that you at least understand what you are getting yourself into first. But after that, we will give you all the support you could imagine as you learn how to build a custom loop yourself.

What if I break something?

We won't let that happen. If for some reason something does break, we will do everything we can to help you get it replaced through returns.

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