Safety and Privacy

At IQON Digital, we understand that our clients want to optimize their PC's gaming performance without compromising their personal data, work applications, hardware warranties, or overall system stability. That's why we want to assure you that our PC optimization services are non-intrusive and safe.

We DO NOT interact with or view any personal files on your computer during our optimization process. We only access the necessary system files and settings that are directly related to optimizing your gaming experience.

We also understand the importance of work applications and their performance. That's why we do not modify anything that would impact the performance of your work applications. Our optimization services are designed specifically for gaming and will not affect your work computer usage in any way.

Additionally, we DO NOT perform any overclocking that would in any way harm your computer. Overclocking is a process of running hardware components at higher speeds than their manufacturer's intended specifications, which can cause damage to the hardware and affect its lifespan. We may decide to under-volt certain hardware components in order to generate less heat (granting better performance) but this is also optional.

Lastly, our optimization services DO NOT void any computer part warranties. We understand that hardware warranties are important to our clients, and we ensure that our optimization services do not interfere with any existing warranties.

At Invicta Gaming, we prioritize your privacy, security, and system stability, and we want you to feel confident that our PC optimization services are safe and non-intrusive. Contact us today to learn more about how we can optimize your gaming experience without any risk to your personal data, work applications, hardware warranties, or system stability.