Plan to be supported.

It doesn't matter where you bought it or how old it is. Get your PC fully covered today; cancel anytime.

Get support and save.

All plan owners when logged in will have their discounts applied site-wide automatically. Any time you need us, log in, book your discounted service and we will be right with you.

Gone are the days of searching the web for that one pesky error you keep getting. Support is only one click away.


IQON+ PC Support Plans

How IQON+ works.

We aim to give our members an incredible value for their money.


Once you purchase an IQON PC Support plan, your account will update applying discounts to anything you purchase automatically. You may only book and utilize IQON services for your own computer that we are supporting.

*For Platinum members utilizing free services, limits apply. This premium plan includes up to 4 hours of services per month. Examples of service times:

Optimization session: 1 hour each

Troubleshooting session: 1 hour is average, more if necessary

PC build assistance: 1 hour for planning, 2-3 hours for DIY build help

Assistance services: 1 hour each

Optimization tune-up: 30 minutes

FREE PC health checks

In your account page you will have access to an exclusive service: a 15-minute PC health restore. You can schedule this for FREE anytime if something isn't feeling right.

We will use our tools to quickly scan everything going on in the background and automatically repair any corruptions. If a bigger issue is discovered, we can jump right into a paid, discounted troubleshooting session. For platinum members we will of course handle issues for you for free.

Assistance Services

For gold or platinum members, you are eligible once per month for a FREE PC assistance service of any kind (listed under Repair Services).

BIOS out of date? Got some pesky malware floating around? Want some special tuning for that one specific game you play? Book it and you've got it.

Priority support queues

In your member page, your "submit a ticket" button automatically routes to a priority help desk with our best technicians on the job.

Each tier receives support faster than non-plan owners. We guarantee you will receive a response within 12 hours for platinum members, and 24 hours for gold and silver members.

Shipping discounts

Are you a platinum member looking into buying something off the marketplace to upgrade your rig? Enjoy free shipping for life on any purchase. For full PC builds purchased, shipping will be discounted by 50%.

For custom IQON builds, all support plan tiers are given 25% off shipping!

Cancel anytime

We don't believe in locking you into contracts. Cancel anytime from your account page instantly. We will be sad to see you go, but happy you gave us a shot!

A support plan done right.

Crashing right before raid night? Got a bad case of the stutters? When you own an IQON+ Support Plan, you'll always be a Discord message away from help.

All plan owners also receive a special role in our Discord server to talk with other members and chat with IQON more directly.

Our community


Is an IQON PC required?

No! Any PC, from any company (or self-built), any time.

Can I use my plan to buy services for my friends?

Unfortunately, we are not currently offering shared discounts between your friends. We appreciate that you want to spread the love, but for now each plan is assigned to a single computer of your choosing.

If I cancel, does my plan expire immediately?

You paid for the plan, so you will get the plan until the final day; whether that's the end of your month or year.

Does Platinum mean unlimited everything?

Platinum members get virtually all of our support included with their plan. In order to keep our company running smoothly, we set a limit of 4 hours of services per month on Platinum plans.

We feel the average Platinum member will be more than happy and supported with this number on any given month. If a brutal error arises and more than 4 hours are needed, we will discount anything further at a rate of 50%.

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