How long does the service take?

It depends on the configuration, but most sessions fall between 1 hour to 2 and a
half hours, it depends a lot on the configuration of the system and the time
taken will be established quickly at the beginning of the service delivery.

What am I supposed to be doing during the session?

In the moments I have control of the computer through remote sessions, not much,
but access to the bios is almost guaranteed to happen and strict following of
instructions will be needed for any time spent in the bios.

How much performance am I expected to gain?

A lot of this does come down to the original configuration settings and just how much room is left on the table. A lot of the performance gains are mostly in 1% lows that is responsible for smoothness, and not all games benefit the same way from this type of optimization. The games where this will improve performance the most will be Call of Duty, Fortnite, and to a significant but lesser extent, Final Fantasy XIV.

Is there any way this service could harm my computer?

This in many cases will lessen the wear on the computer that it faces daily, but at worst and through most it will be no different to normal in terms of natural wear a system will experience over time, as long as you don’t accidentally input values that aren’t what is asked to be input, within the bios.

Do you view or modify any personal files or folders?

We do not view, interact with, or modify any of your
personal files. You are free to observe the service as it is being performed.